Amanda P. Choo LL.B (Hons.)

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Amanda P. Choo is an Associate of FT Legal having first joined the firm in 2020 as an intern and again full time in 2021.

Amanda obtained her Bachelor of Laws Degree with First Class Honours from the University of the West Indies (UWI) in 2019 and her Legal Education Certificate from the Hugh Wooding Law School in 2021. She has an enthusiastic and hands-on approach to new innovative matters, especially those relating to the digital space. While at UWI, she participated in the pilot TradeLab program hosted by the Faculty of Law and co-authored an e-commerce proposal for the Organisation of the Eastern Caribbean States within the context of the World Trade Organisation’s negotiations held at the Ministerial Conferences from 1998 to 2017. She became deeply familiar with the Caribbean’s need for relevant e-commerce legislation, and the region’s trade interactions in a global context. Her interest extends beyond trade matters to the impact of technology on our society. To this end, she submitted a research paper examining the rise of artificial intelligence and the possibility of robots obtaining legal personality, for which she was awarded a grade A.

Amanda’s roots are entrepreneurial, having been born into an enterprising family. She therefore has a personal understanding of the challenges which entrepreneurs face and are empathetic to their needs. It is against this backdrop, that her interest in the corporate and commercial work of the firm has developed, compelling her to delve deeper into the legal issues related to this space. Amanda’s drive to assist entrepreneurs capitalise on new opportunities and navigate difficulties is complemented by her understanding of the digital domain, as businesses increasingly pivot to a digital environment.

Amanda also has a keen interest in environmental and human rights issues and served as the President and Vice-President of the Caribbean Environmental Law Society and Human Rights Committee respectively, while at law school. Amanda’s commitment to excellence and social responsibility have served her well as she maintained a commendable academic performance whilst balancing various extra-curricular activities in service organisations, volunteering with special needs children and broadening her range of interests into broadcasting and the languages.