FT Legal: Finance, FinTech and Financial Services Law

Finance, FinTech and Financial Services Law

In a rapidly evolving global environment, innovation is the name of the game. Nothing is static and success is not forever. Founders and business owners need to stay alert to identity the next opportunity and may not always have the resources to capitalize on these on their own. Equally, financial institutions and financial service providers need to ensure that their interests are secured appropriately. We’ve worked on both sides of the table representing borrowers and lenders and can strike a commercial balance while vigorously protecting our clients’ interests.

We also find ourselves in a transformative era, where emerging technology are disrupting traditional and legacy systems in unprecedented ways. We therefore service a growing portfolio of clients operating in the Fintech space, who leverage blockchain and other technologies as game changers in a variety of contexts.

In this context, we partner with our clients on various issues, including:

Acquisition, project and loan finance;

Capital raises through private placements

Initial coin offerings and security token offerings; and

Preparation and registration of security documentation.